Jeff Jacobs

Developer - Programmer - Creative


Bachelor Of Science

Applied Informatics

Programming, Webdesign, Application Development

During my Applied informatics studies at Thomas More Geel (Belgium) I learned the ropes of developing all kinds of applications, websites, platforms and programs. I learned the programming languages C#, Java, Javascript and PHP, learned creating interesting websites with HTML5, CSS3 and SQL.
On my own I learned how to work with a lot of other languages or systems like NodeJS, EaselJS, JSON, MongoDB, SocketIO and many more. Experimenting with what I learned and teaching myself new ways of programming always kept me motivated to expand my knowledge.

Master Of Arts

Communication and Media Design

Game Development, Virtual Reality, 360° Video

After my IT studies I started a transitional year for my Master’s degree in Game Design. There I learned the more creative side of programming. I learned about design for users, user testing, graphical design, and many other creative development skills. Since I was the only student in the transitional year I had to be independent and take care of a lot of the logistics on my own. This further increased my ability to work and plan independently. During the creative group projects I often was handed the leading role, guiding others to make sure the project went efficiently and everyone contributed to make the project even better.


Point Of View

Virtual Reality game

Point Of View is a Virtual Reality game wherein the player plays as the helper of a professor. Together with the professor he is invited to join a businessman on an adventure to a mysterious island. The player uses tracked controllers and a VR headset to completely immerse themselves in the virtual world. They climb from rock to rock, hold on tight to ziplines and solve puzzles.

MoveIT Suez

SharePoint migration for multinational

During the summer of 2018 I helped migrate Suez WTS over to SharePoint. After a weeklong bootcamp I got started on migrating a big system for the HR department. I worked with SharePoint sites, lists, document libraries, Microsoft flow, Microsoft PowerApps, Nintex workflow and Nintex forms to create a new system that would allow the HR department to more easily track changes in employee information. With a little help from the people at the Belgian company VanRoey and people at the French company HubCollab I solved a lot of complex problems, further pushing the possibilities that Microsoft SharePoint provides. This project required a lot of coordinating to efficiently develop for since most of the HR team is situated in Trevose (USA).

Iflab Coach

Coaching and development at creative booster

During the IFLab prototype booster in Ghent (Belgium) I helped people further develop their creative, story related, projects. IFlab is a booster for people with creative projects that need help to get started. These projects range from creative stories to interesting website ideas to Virtual Reality and even Augmented Reality. I experimented with AR development for mobile and was able to use my knowledge of VR to give feedback on people's projects. Furthermore IFLab is a creative breeding ground for new ideas since it brings creatives and developers from all over the world together for a week of high effort work.

Akkoo Webshop

Early Drupal 8 webshop system

During my internship at the web development company Akkoo in Herentals (Belgium) I developed a generic webshop system for Drupal 8. At the time Drupal 8 was still in its early beta versions. This gave me an opportunity to learn this developing for this totally new easy website builder and CMS. Yet it also presented me with a big challenge since almost no documentation was available for the product. In the end I was able to create a fully working webshop system for Drupal 8, complete with all the modern features one would expect from a robust webshop at the time. Moreover, in the philosophy of Drupal I made it so everything was very easy to configure for the webshop owner.

NodeJS EaselJS Game

Front to back JavaScript multiplayer game

After discovering NodeJS and HTML5 Canvas during my Applied Informatics studies I challenged myself to create a multiplayer game engine that ran on modern browsers. It used the library EaselJS for drawing sprites to the Canvas and NodeJS along with SocketIO for multiplayer connectivity. This system would allow me to program the whole engine and game, front to back, in JavaScript. I worked with MongoDB, a file based database system, to serve data to users and hold user and game data. In the end the prototype was successful. Multiple users could connect to a game room after logging in and users could chat with each other inside the room and the owner of the room could move furniture around and place new objects.

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