Point Of View

VR Puzzle Adventure Game


Mechanics demonstration

A video showing the various gameplay mechanics inside the latest Point Of View playtest.

Playtest and Movement capture

This video features the recent playtests for the Point Of View project. In this playtest people got to test the various new mechanics in a 30 - 45 minute long level. All playtests were captured using the WTDVR playtest capture system. This allows us to later on review the playtest and see how the testers moved throughout the level.


VAF Wildcards Winner

For the first time in 2018 the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF) in dutch, awarded the best graduating game development students with the VAF Wildcards prize. Point Of View won the VAF Wildcards prize, giving us an opportunity to further develop the project and bring the whole project to a higher level.

C-Mine Student Award

In 2018 Point Of View won the C-Mine Student Award during the HBVL Wanatoe contest in Hasselt (Belgium). The C-Mine Student award is awarded to the most interesting and innovative project that takes part in the Wanatoe contest and is awarded by the city of Genk.

Wanatoe Nominee

Every year the belgian newspaper 'Het Belang Van Limburg' or HBVL for short nominates ten creative student works for the Wanatoe contest. In 2018 Point Of View was nominated as one of the 10 most interesting and creative projects for the Wanatoe contest.

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